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Meet Steffy Jewels

Stefanie is a young, black designer who love making products. Whether its using materials such as beads, polymer clay or resin, she loves watching YouTube videos to learn new and trending topics that can later turn into new products that I'm sure you'll love. 

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My Story

I wasn't always creative. Let's be honest, I couldn't even draw a stick figure to save my life. So, when the opportunity presented itself in 2015, during the St, Patrick’s Day Parade (and after an allergic reaction to some costume jewelry), the thought of “Hey! I can make my own jewelry”, came to mind and voila! Steffy jewels came to fruition.

 I always use high quality material when creating my pieces as I never want what happen to me back in 2015 happening to anyone else. One should never sacrifice looking stylish because of cheaply made materials. 

Let me just tell you, It’s not easy trying to start your own small business.  I juggle working full time (40+ hours) at my day job and then having to turn right around and work as much as possible once I clock out for the day. There will be days even months where I don’t even touch my small business as I’m only one person. I’m the owner of Steffy Jewels as well (but not limited to) the product designer, web designer, marketing director, and so forth. I wear all the hats in trying to get this business up and running and that alone is tough. One thing I live by, and I quote from Heather Torres, from Think Media, is “Your Race, Your Pace.” I have these words posted on my wall and when I ever feel stress or in doubt on where I should be at, I’ll just say these words and just breathe. I know that I will reach my goal to make Steffy Jewels my full-time job but, in the meantime, I’m enjoying the journey of getting there.

Want to know more? Sure!


"Let's Go Mavs! Let's Go Mavs!

Anyone can you tell you that I'm a huge Dallas Maverick Fan!

So on my down time (if any ha!), you can believe I"ll be at the AAC watching my boys play in person. After all, we now have LUUKKKAA!! 


I'm such a fan that I even name my 6 year old beagle/hound mix....Maverick!

If that don't show you how much I love my team, nothing will!