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All The Hats....

Man, when they say that starting your own business is hard work, they weren't kidding. When starting a business as an entrepreneur or as its also coin as "Solopreneur", you have the long hours of handling all aspects of the business yourself. You are the person who is in charge of the finances. You are the person who designs the product. You are the person who creates and design the website. You, You, You....are the person who wear all the hats. Not to mention that I also work a full time job so after my 40 hour work week, I turn around and work on my jewelry business and work as long as I can on that. Eventually, I will outsource some of these tasks and focus on the creation of the products. Now don't get me wrong as I'm enjoying all there is to learn on starting my business but at times , it can be exhausting. I decided a month ago to get on YouTube to try and leverage my business goals but now I'm back to working on my website. I still have a few products that I haven't posted to my website so now I'm the photographer as well.

Will it all be worth it in the future. Oh you bet! My goal is to one day leave he 40 hour work week and work on my own terms. So if I have to be a little exhausted to make that goal a reality...Bring it on!!

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