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Creating a Website

I just watch this YouTube video and I must say, my website looks so good!! I found that if there is ever a topic I 'm not quite sure about, my go to source is YouTube! This young lady really dives into (and in great detail) on how to create a site to start selling. While not everyone uses the same selling platform, for my particular needs, this tutorial really help me. Sure you may want to hire someone to do this part as it took me about a month to get my web page the way I wanted it and believe me, I am still tweaking it as we speak. But who really has those type of funds when you're just starting out and you are a one [woman] show. So until I get to that point, I am now wearing the hat of Web Designer!!

Below is the tutorial I used to get my site to have the look and feel that I wanted to achieve....for now. :)

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