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Handling my business while working a full time job

I wanted to take a slight break from my day job to talk about how I handle working my business all while working at my full time . First let me say, it's not easy to leave one job and go work at another job.

I think in one of my post (and if not, I'll mention here), I work in the accounting department working 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week. I am always on the computer crunching numbers, answer calls and helping my team members on a daily basis. These tasks can really drain me where I'm so exhausted, its hard to even think about nothing else but going home, crawling in my bed and watching Friends, Big Bang Theory or Frasier for the infinite time! While yes I do take some time to unwind from my day, I still have to work on my business. Whether I'm designing, blogging, taking pictures or inventorying my items, I have to summon the energy to do this. Especially since I'm a one person team (or as they coin the phrase solopreneur), It's got to be done.

So what do I do when I fell too tired to work on my business? I take a break! That's right. There will be days where I won't work on nothing at all. That is the beauty of having your own business. You set your hours. Its fine not work, think, look at your business as your body and brain needs a break. Sometimes I will take a few hours and if I feel like doing something for the business, I will. If not, I wait until my body is rested enough to get back to it.

It's very important to listen to your body as this is the instrument that keeps its all together. Take a few days, watch a movie, go out with friends, do something non business related. Just free your mind for bit. You will be surprise what a break can do for you and your business. Sometimes, ideas will pop in my mind while I'm doing nothing. Since I'm in the business of making jewelry, when I watch a TV show, ideas will pop up and I'll write it down to look at it later.

So just remember that while your ultimate goal is to work for yourself, you still need that job to finance your business. In the end, you will be able to either minimize the hours you put in or altogether leave it behind for your business alone. After all, that's the prize we are all seeking!!

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