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I'm on YouTube Ya'll!!

Hello my precious jewels! Well as you can see, it's been a minute since I've sat on this computer and had a little chat with you. A lot has happened since my last post so let me catch you up real quick.

For one my 2020 goals, I wanted to start investing as you should always have multiple streams of income just in case something happens. Well I did just that and investing with the app Robin Hood. It is so easy and no fees to use. I just pick a few of my favorites and boom...I'm in like Flint! So when I decided to get into trading, this came at the worst yet best time in 2020. The pandemic of 202 also known as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) swept across the world. It started overseas and made its way over to the United States in mid March. For the first time in my lifetime, I'm having to experience things that my parents and grandparents all too well have experienced in theirs. Basically they had to shut down the states in order to slow down the spread. Texas was one of them and many lost theirs jobs or had to adapt to a working from home lifestyle. I was fortunate enough (while others weren't) to be able to continue to work from home during the lockdown of 2020. Schools were closed, restaurants, small business, even sports....all shut down in order to slow the spread. So during this downtime, I decided why not get my feet wet in the stock markets as this too was shut down to a record low. I was able to pick up on stocks that, at one point, were too high to get but with pandemic throwing everything out of whack, these stocks were hitting low market prices. Long story short, I added a few dollars and from time to time, will check to see if I ended in the green or in the red.

Another one of my goals for 2020 and this was a big one, was to focus more on the marketing/network side for my business. This, my jewels, is what brings us to the title of this blog..Your girl, Steffy Jewels now have a channel on YouTube! How did this all happen. Well it all happen by faith or a sign or something. I knew that I wanted to get on YouTube as I notice during my [journey of a jewelry maker], I wanted to make videos for others like me who wants to get into this business or perhaps needed help on how to do simple tutorials. I noticed when I was out there looking for stuff, I found a lot of videos but the information I wanted was a little to vague or was all over the place. So trying to find what I needed was a little difficult but here's the catch. How do you even get started on YouTube? So once again, I search on YouTube to find out how to get started and I came across some good ones on not so good ones. The first one I think I found (not sure at this point) was Justin Brown from Primal Video and then Think Media. These two channels were an eye opener to getting me into the world of YouTube.

So to wrap this up, go check out my channel, Steffy Jewels, and let me know what you think. This journey is only beginning and I can't wait to see where it goes!

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