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Valentine's Day Inspirations

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

**Multi-strand Necklace**

For this project, using a bead board will help lay out the type of design you are trying to achieve. The multi channels guides you for one, two, or even three strand necklaces to lay out your beads. You can use any type, shape, or style of bead for this project but in order to get it to lay the way you like, leave about about a 2" difference per strand. On this, I left a 3" difference between the two to give it a more drastic look. Match the design and make a pair of earrings to go along with your necklace to complete the look!

I found this tip and tutorial off YouTube from Gina at Orchid and Opal Jewelry & Beads.


***Heart Pendant Necklace**

For this project, it's as simple as pulling out the beads you want and laying them out. This is a technique call "simple stringing" and its one way to let your creative juices start flowing. Once again, using a bead board is great as you can see how long your necklace will be. To start, place your pendant at the '0' mark and start laying out your designs. For me, I like to start on one side of the zero mark and once I like the design I made, I will copy this on the other side of the zero mark. Once you get to the design you like,start stringing them on beading wire, add your crimps, wire guards, and jump rings and your necklace is complete. To add your pendant, use either a jump ring or split ring either as you're stringing your jewelry or after you string it. Once again, make it a set and add some earrings.

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