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It all started with a holiday...

March 15, 2015: I was getting ready for the biggest party the month, St. Patrick's Day, here in Dallas, TX. I haven't been to this party, so I decided not to get pinch and get me some gear. I went to a well known party store and got some necklaces and earrings to go along with the festivities. All was find and dandy until one of my earlobe had bad reaction to the earring. Now I'm not allergic to any type of metals that I was aware of and to find only one lobe was mess up, it was a mystery. Fast forward to July 20. 2015, I made a declaration to cut the cable and find something more meaningful than stay in front of the T.V. all day.

My earlobe was starting to heal and I said to myself, "Why Not?" Why can't I make my own jewelry that won't damage or mess up my skin. This is when I decided to get some resources and figure out how I can make handmade jewelry. I went to my local library and check out all the books I could in making jewelry. After reading my books, I decided to check out other sources such as YouTube and searching for jewelry making websites. This world was only beginning and four years letter, here I am!!

See below the earrings and my very first book I check out that started this wonderful world I'm so happy to be a part of.....

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