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Mokume Gane Day 2

Updated: May 3, 2021

Dear Polymer Clay-

Its day 2 of me learning about this technique and I just realized two things: 1. I was not adding the interesting indentations deep enough into my clay and 2. I was slicing the clay in the wrong direction. After using the colors I used yesterday, I tried slicing the way the video showed me and that's when I notice the interesting patterns that took place. However, since I didn't make my markings deep enough, you really don't see the patterns. Also, there is a lot of air in-between the layers that it looks like swizz cheese when sliced.

Below is what I turned my pieces into. After using some cutters to get the shape I liked, I added a border along with some hot fix rhinestones for embellishment. I will turn this on into a pendant and the other one, well I'm not sure as its not my best but at least I have something to show for my first attempt of this technique. Until I clay again--

Steffy Jewels, claying out!

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