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The "Easiest Cane"...

Dear Polymer Clay,

Today I decided to following one of my favorite polymer clay artist (Teresa Salgado from Tiny Pandora) and work on this cane that she says is the "easiest cane in the world". These series are part of her Crafting Live with Pandora & Elaina and I decided to give it a try. Now I'm not much of a cane maker nor do I have any experience in working with clay but I figure, this would be a great beginner friendly tutorial to get my hands sticky. (get it! )

I decided to use some of my open clay that I have to practice this cane. My canes are a little small but that's ok! Since mostly I make jewelry, I think I will make little charms or earrings for these and then try to following this technique again with a lot more clay.

They do say, the more you practice, the better you will be and that is how you learn. I'm not afraid of learning something new so I will keep at it until I can be just a awesome as her and all the other clay artists I admire.

Below are just some photos of my conquest and if you're reading this, just know that its ok to to be a little nervous in trying something new. That's how we grow, learn and conquer our stepping out of our zone.

Well until we clay again

Steffy Jewels, claying out!

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