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Empowering Words is a collection of sticker sheets featuring powerful quotes for Black women. These stickers are perfect for decorating laptops, journals, water bottles, and much more. These stickers are a daily reminder of the strength and resilience of Black women and a great way to show support for the Black community. Stand in solidarity with Black women and display these stickers with pride. Shop now and elevate your belongings with words of encouragement and inspiration. **Sticker comes in various sizes and sheet colors**


Quotes Included: "This Black Beauty is a Queen", "Royalty is in my Heritage", "Envy worthy shade of Melanin Beauty", "Thick Beautiful Black", "Black Queens with plump lips", "Lips Sweeter than honey", "Melanin Infused Beauty", "Beautiful, Smart, Amazing, Brave, Kind", "Royalty is in my DNA", "I DON'T apologize FOR BEING Black", Chocolate dipped Beauty", "Being Black is a BLESSING", "Cocoa powder Honey dipping GOLD", "Beautiful Boss Black".

Empowering Words: Black Women Quotes Sticker Sheet

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